The Teflon Don, Rick Ross, endorses only the freshest of kicks and just recently, he has given Reebok’s Kamikaze IIIs a heavyweight thumbs up. On June 6th, 2011 a track hit the internet entitled “Reebok Back” in which the Maybach Monster promoted the new shoes and urged sneaker junkies to purchase a pair.
The song, sampling the “Tupac’s Back” beat, is a little over three minutes long and features Meek Mill and super-producer Swizz Beatz. The bearded beat buster raps on the hook, “Reebok back/ that’s all they really screamin’ is that Reebok back/ bought the black and the white/ the highs and the lows/ know this is Swizz Beatz edition/ cause them b*tches, they glow/ I mean look at them laces/ only money I’m chasin’/ yeah, they might call them classics/ but for a baller that’s basic/ they screamin’ Reebok back”

However, as entertaining as the song is, the real interesting part about this story is the fact that the shoes were designed by Swizz Beatz himself. For those who don’t know, Beatz is actually a clothing designer, painter, and a shoe designer in addition to being a music producer. A tweet from Beatz last year announced his business venture with Reebok in which he would design and help market a series of limited edition sneakers.
The new shoes were called Kamikaze’s and the original batch sold out in only ten minutes after hitting the market.